Monday, October 27, 2008

I Blog therefore I Am

I have often regretted not transcribing passing thoughts, generally because I rarely get a chance to revisit those thoughts more closely since I tend to forget them altogether. I finally decided to begin a blog to explore this as a medium to capture my spontaneous ideas, wherever I may be.

In a way, this may be a diary in the sense that it is intended primarily for my consumption. However, I have decided to open this blog in the event anyone may be interested in my ramblings. That being a possibility, let me make my intentions clear:

1) I am not an authority or expert in any of the subjects about which I plan to write.

2) I am not going to out of my way to ensure perfect grammar or spelling.

3) As a matter of good practice, I will attempt to verify any facts that I use in my writings. Inevitably, I will write things that are simply incorrect. If anyone notices and cares to spend the time, please feel free to point out my error and if possible post a correction.

4) Given the times, I think many of my thoughts may wonder into the political arena. Let it be known that many consider my opinions left-leaning in general. However, I like to think that I am a critical thinker. In fact, I am more eager for reactions from those with whom I disagree and who challenge my thoughts or opinions - dynamic debate is how I refine my thoughts and I am always open to seeing things differently.

5) I do not plan on following a coherent theme in my postings, and do not commit to write with any regularity. I hope this does become an active hobby over time, and an enriching experience.



  1. as soon as i find time to work on my blog again i'll put a link to this one. that is assuming i can figure out how to do it...